Годы обучения 2009-2013гг.


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На зачет по английскому языку:
1. Беседа по одной из семи тем.
2. Перевод предложений с русского на английский, используя активную лексику (все словари на почте группы)

Topics for the FINAL TEST
1. Film Genres

• What is a genre?
• What film genres do you know? Describe several of them. Which is your favourite one?
• What is a genre/plot convention? Give the examples of genre conventions.
• What does iconography mean? Can a star be iconographic?

2. Story Lines

• What do you know about animated films?
• Story lines. Why are some cartoons interesting for both children and adults?
• Give the examples of animated films which are good for both adults and children. Describe the plot of one of them.
• What is your opinion about modern cartoons.

3. TV cruelty

• Why and how do TV shows sometimes take things too far? Give examples of some TV shows.
• What do you think about cruelty on TV? Give examples.
• Do you know any Russian TV shows? Describe some of them.
• What is your favourite/least favourite TV show programme?

4. The magic of pantomime

• What is Pantomime? Why is it popular?
• The history, plot and characters of Pantomime. It's main features.
• Is there any similar traditional form of entertainment in Russia? Do you enjoy it? why (not)?

5. An interview with Maev Alexander

• Who is Maev Alexander? When was her big break?
• What skills should an actor have?
• What advice does Maev give to the people who want to become actors?
• What does she enjoy being an actor in a live theatre?

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