ДВ-33 Англ. яз.

Годы обучения 2009-2013гг.

ДВ-33 Англ. яз.

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На зачет по английскому языку:
1. Беседа по одной из семи тем.
2. Перевод предложений с русского на английский, используя активную лексику (все словари на почте группы)
Topics for the FINAL TEST
1. Internet security
• Security and privacy on the Internet, email privacy, network security.
• What computer viruses do you remember?
• What anti-virus software do you have?
• What cybercrimes do you know? Describe some of them.
2. Safety online for children
• What are the main risks for children on the Internet? What solutions can you suggest?
• What cybercrimes do you know? Describe some of them.
• Why is security so important on the Internet?
3. The Downloading debate
• Should downloading music be considered a crime? What arguments for and against downloading can you name?
• What things do you usually download from the Internet?
• What do you think the future holds for the music industry?
4. Graphics and design
• Raster graphics versus vector graphics. What graphic file formats do you remember?
• Which type of professionals might use computer graphics? How do they use them?
• What software can we use for creating 3D objects, editing photos, drawing pictures?
• Describe how to work in graphics programs? (What abilities does a program have? What tools does a program have? How can we use this or that tool to create some objects?)
5. eReaders
• E-book versus paper book: the advantages and disadvantages of both.
• Where/What/When do you like to read?
• The future of e-books.
6. Multimedia
• Multimedia magic!
• What do you need to run a multimedia program?
• How can multimedia be used in distance learning/business presentations/mobile phones? Where else can multimedia be used?
• The future of multimedia.
• What flash based websites do you know?
7. Web Design
• Why do companies have websites?
• Web site design: HTML and web editors, web page elements, etc.
• Graphics on the web. What elements do you think a good site should have?
• What are the main steps of designing a web page? (The interview with Sarah).

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